This tutorial explains how to upload, size, crop, and print your personal photos.


Below the PRINTING tab, you will see a button that reads "UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE."


Here, you can choose a print style.

Unsure which style is best for you? CLICK HERE


Once you choose a style, this upload window will appear:


Select image files on your device or sign in to browse previous uploads from your account.



You begin with a preview of your image and a few options to edit.


The magnifying glass will give you a full view of your print:

The rotate buttons turn your image in either direction:

CROP allows you to choose the print area:

SELECT FROM GALLERY to choose a different image:


You have a choice of two paper types, unless you chose the Canvas Wrap style.

Information on our paper can be found HERE


Select the orientation for your print: square, portrait, or landscape.


You will find an assortment of standard sizes under each tab.


Once you are satisfied, add the print to your cart or save it to your favorites and revisit later.